Ciudad del Este

Discover the second largest city of Paraguay

The city of affordable prices

Ciudad del Este is located among the three cities that make up the Triple Border, where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina share horizons.

It is an important point of commerce and tourism, which makes Ciudad del Este a place that receives many visitors throughout the year.

One of the most popular activities in this city is shopping, walks through shopping malls and shopping centers. Thus, Ciudad del Este has one of the most important shopping circuits in the area.

Thousands of tourists and residents visit the malls and stores in the city to buy electronics, clothes, perfumes, imported products and much more.

The most popular malls are Plaza City, Shopping Paris, Shopping China or Shopping del Este where they offer a wide variety of businesses and items.

Ciudad del Este is usually chosen for its affordable and competitive prices, firstly due to its low tax burden compared to other cities in the area.

Why is Ciudad del Este also chosen for business tourism?

Hotel en Ciudad del Este

Ciudad del Este is also a popular destination for business tourism in Paraguay due to its position as a commercial center in Latin America and its modern meeting and conference facilities.

CDE hosts many professional conferences and meetings. Therefore, it also offers an interesting variety of corporate hotels, important meeting spaces and office space.